MTGA Tracker tracks your games and decks! Available for Windows and OSX

(When MTGA is available for OSX, that is)


Since it was released, MTGA Tracker has done lots of things!

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Detailed Match History

Keep a record of your entire match history with inspector. Play an opponent with a really cool deck, but didn't write down all the cards you saw? Don't worry about it! MTGA Tracker did!

In-Depth Statistics

Spot your deck's strengths and weaknesses. Do you feel like your pirates always lose to those damn merfolk? Now you can know for sure! Our stats & visualization methods are getting better all the time!

Collaborative Deck Hub and Meta Report

(Coming soon) Brew your craziest ideas together! Want to make that ridiculous Revel and Riches deck, but can't figure out which cards to use? Let the community help you make your best decks better
(and your silliest decks sillier)

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Get started tracking your decks and games now! MTGA Tracker is (and always will be) free and open-source. No account required.